About Brightness Of The Lives

Mao Soné always had an idea of merging Japanese traditional sound, and electronic jazz together. 
In 2014, Mao was living in Boston to study at prestigious Berklee College Of Music. He was asked to put a rhythm section that would accompany a very acknowledged Japanese saxophonist's performance at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC.  As soon as he was told to put a band together, he made a phone call to the three finest Japanese musicians in his age - May Inoue; a guitar player, who had already made his debut from Universal Japan, Ren Yamamoto; electric bass player who had been supporting major recordings in Japan, and Hiro Kimura; a drummer who had been one of the closest friend of Mao, and he is one of the busiest drummers in Tokyo now days.
The band, later named as Mao Soné Quartet: Brightness Of The Lives had their first performance at the Werner Theatre in Washington DC as a part of the opening ceremony of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in 2014. A week after the opening ceremony, they had a chance to perform at the legendary jazz club, Blues Alley (DC). 
After the success of the DC trip, they did a couple of Japan tour. Nowadays, Inoue, Yamamoto, and Kimura are individually leading the jazz scene in Tokyo, Japan. Mao will be also joining the scene from summer 2017 so that the band will be more active. Atay tune with their performances, upcoming releases.  

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